Our global lifestyle managers are on-hand 24 hours a day to expertly take charge of those day-to-day tasks that will allow members more time to enjoy the things they love. Whether it’s booking a Michelin-starred restaurant, sourcing their new dream home, a best-in-class private tutor, a last-minute business trip, or expert curation for a personal art collection, we take care of all the details.

Personalised Service

Every member is assigned their own personal lifestyle manager who is their main point of contact to fulfil every request. Our lifestyle managers are devoted to nurturing and building valued relationships with their members, to best understand their individual tastes and aspirations, so that every recommendation made is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle.

Lifestyle Management

In their commitment to saving members precious time, our expert lifestyle managers are on-hand 24 hours a day to attend to their daily tasks. Devoted to fulfilling every desire, and catering to every request - however big or small - our lifestyle managers are here to help. Every proactive recommendation, be it for a holiday, tutor, artwork, networking event, or simply the best restaurant in town, has been carefully selected to enrich a member’s life, as well as the lives of their loved ones, so that they can make the most of every moment.


The mission of our dedicated global network of travel specialists is to unearth the most amazing, elusive destinations on the planet, and curate tailor-made experiences that our members will treasure for a lifetime. Thanks to our long-established relationships with the world’s best luxury hotels, members will also enjoy a host of benefits, including the best possible rate, room upgrades, and a personalised itinerary of the finest things to see and do.



Our global team of culinary specialists and sommeliers have their finger firmly on the pulse of buzzy new restaurants, fine dining venues, private dining rooms, and the latest trends in food and wine. Harnessing our personal relationships and deep connections with global food experts and top chefs, our specialists will make pointed recommendations, and secure priority reservations at in-demand restaurants around the world. They will also ensure that members are offered the best seat in the house with world-class service, for a truly unforgettable experience.


By leveraging our unrivalled access into the world of luxury, we turn our members’ dreams into reality. Our specialist lifestyle managers are devoted to creating unforgettable experiences by granting access to coveted cultural events, exhibitions and shows, highly sought-after restaurants, private dinner parties, VIP wine tastings, and exclusive backstage tours with world-renowned artists and performers. In addition to curating unforgettable experiences underpinned by access to existing global happenings, we know that constructing an authentic experience from the ground up really does transform a member’s dream into reality, creating lasting memories along the way.


A privileged evening with Sir David Attenborough, discussing his career and fielding questions from a selected audience.

Member Experience

I cannot recount the number of times you have found me a last-minute table in an overbooked restaurant or sold out theatre tickets. A real must-have in your life

Elite Member

A personal invitation to a fundraiser hosted by HRH Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle, in the company of world-leading philanthropists.

Member Experience

Quintessentially transformed the idea of concierge services into lifestyle management

New York Times

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